Angel of Hope Memorial Garden0.00
Belleville ParkEvergreen Ln. at Meadow Ln. 43.65
Belleville Softball ComplexIn Belleville Park0.00
Boehm ParkEdison Rd. at Rose St. 30.00
Boland ParkCorpus Christi Dr. at Tomahawk Trail. 21.03
Bowman CemeteryMiami Street5.90
Brownfield ParkRiverside Dr. at Angela Blvd. 2.70
Charles Black Recreation CenterIn LaSalle Park0.00
Chris Wilson PavilionGreenlawn and Wall Streets0.00
City CemeteryElm & Colfax Street21.36
Coquillard ParkCampeau St. at Arthur St. 7.16
East Bank TrailAngela to Niles along Railway1.10
East Race WaterwayNiles Ave. at Washington St. 5.10
Elbel ParkAuten Rd. at Quince Rd. 313.25
Erskine ParkMiami Rd. at Ireland Rd. 120.00
Fredrickson ParkSouth Bend Ave. at N. Jacob St. 14.24
Fremont ParkFremont St. at W. Hamilton St.2.00
Gwen Stiver ParkSt. Joseph St. at Lasalle St. 0.38
Helman Voll Lane near Manchester Dr.1.00
Howard ParkJefferson Blvd. at St. Louis Blvd.11.49
Howard Park Ice RinkIn Howard Park0.00
Howard Park Recreation CenterIn Howard Park0.00
Keller ParkRiverside Dr. near Sherman Ave. 16.91
Kelly ParkHoward St. at St. Peter St. 1.10
Kennedy ParkOlive St. at Westmoor St. 38.56
Kennedy Water PlaygroundIn Kennedy Park0.00
LaSalle Memorial ParkPortage Ave. near Ribourde Dr. 1.56
LaSalle ParkWashington St. at Camden St. 39.80
Leeper ParkMichigan St. at Park Ln.25.72
Lincoln Plaza ParkN. Kenmore St. at W. Bulla St. 1.10
Maintenance BuildingCorner of Sample Street and High Street5.00
Marshall ParkByron Dr. at Springbrook Dr. 9.00
Martin Luther King Recreation CenterIn Martin Luther King, Jr. Park0.00
Martin Luther King, Jr. ParkLinden Ave. at College St. 6.00
McKinley ParkHelmen Dr. near Manchester Dr. 1.10
Morris Green ParkSt. Joseph St. at Colfax Ave. 0.70
Muessel Grove ParkWilbur St. at Vassar Ave. 17.26
Newman Recreation CenterLincolnway East at Sample St. 4.90
Nokomis ParkLafayette Blvd. at Marquette Ave. 1.94
Northside Blvd. WalkwayRiverbank Sample to Greenlawn32.50
O'Brien Fitness CenterIn O'Brien Park0.00
O'Brien ParkMichigan St. at Walter St.22.60
Parkovash ParkN. Lafayette Blvd. at Parkovash Ave.1.65
Pier ParkLafayette Blvd. at Parkovash Ave.0.50
Pinhook ParkBoland Dr. at Riverside Dr. 42.69
Plaza ParkJefferson Blvd. at Monroe St.5.50
Ponader ParkMaple Lane Rd. at Douglas Rd. 10.38
Potawatomi ConservatoriesIn Potawatomi Park0.00
Potawatomi ParkMishawaka Ave. at Greenlawn Ave. 62.18
Potawatomi Park PoolIn Potawatomi Park0.00
Potawatomi ZooWall St. at Greenlawn Ave. 23.00
Pulaski ParkW. Western Ave. at S. Walnut St. 6.32
Randolph Street ParkRandolph St. at Sampson St. 2.00
Ravina ParkIndiana Ave. at Lebanon St. 0.40
Riverside Manor ParkGlenview Dr. near Viking Dr. 5.48
Riverside ParkRiverside Dr. near Darden Rd. 2.58
Rum Village Nature CenterIn Rum Village Park0.00
Rum Village ParkEwing Ave. at Gertrude St. 160.00
Seitz ParkSt. Joseph River at Washington St.0.30
Shetterley ParkRiverside Dr. at Leland St. 2.66
Sorin ParkSorin St. at Patterson Dr. 0.55
South Bend River Walk0.00
Southeast Neighborhood ParkFellows St. at Keasey St.9.50
Studebaker ParkCalvert St. at High St. 23.94
Tarkington ParkHickory Rd. at Hepler St10.96
Veterans' Memorial ParkTwyckenham at Northside Blvd.16.11
Viewing ParkNorthside Blvd. at Notre Dame Ave. 4.00
Voorde ParkKeller St. at Kenmore St.14.00
Walker FieldEwing Ave. at Walnut St.8.33
Westhaven ParkSussex Dr. at Grove St. 5.68
Wheelock ParkBetween Laurel Rd. and Harvest Dr. on Darden Rd.72.00
Woodlawn ParkRiverside Blvd. at Woodlawn Blvd. 16.56